• LG WM3470HVA
  • An average high-end washer.

LG WM3470HVA 4.0 cu. ft. Graphite Front Loading Washing Machine Review

Washer $1,199.99
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Better than 96% of Reviewed Washers & Dryers

An average high-end washer.


The LG WM3470HVA debuts a new feature called TurboWash, which switches up the spray patterns of water inside the drum in order to speed up a wash. It just may be one of the most revolutionary new technologies from an appliance manufacturer in the past decade: Most washers take close to an hour to do a standard cycle, but this one took 39 minutes. Sure, its overall washing performance proved just above average in our tests, but that's like complaining about the lack of rear-seat legroom in a Porsche 911.

This LG is worth every penny of its $1199 MSRP if you're in a hurry, and it's an even better deal if you can find it on sale for around $950. If you're the sort of impatient, high-strung person who tailgates in traffic, E-mails during meetings and yells "Chocolate milk is for closers!" at your kids, don't even consider any other washer.


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  3. Efficiency
  4. Washing Speed & Performance
  5. Washing Features
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  7. Conclusion
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