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Xeros xorbs

This new washing machine doesn't rely on water to wash your clothes

The Xeros Xorb washing system uses 23,000 tiny polymer spheres to save water, your clothes—and maybe even the world

Electrolux adaptdisp open 750 1

This new washing machine is like a Keurig for Tide pods

A time-saver on laundry day, these Electrolux front-load washers have a dispenser for pods.

Inside a washing machine2

Here’s what happens inside your washing machine while it cleans

Here's how your washer uses water, detergent, and mechanical action to clean clothes.

Gettyimages 649886786

Here's how to stop white spots from appearing on your clean dark clothes

Using too much laundry detergent leaves white spots on your clothes.


If your clothes aren't getting clean, you're probably using the wrong bleach

We compared three types of bleach to see which one would whiten best.

Morewater hero

Here's why you should never add extra water to your washing machine

Adding more water to the washer will actually leave clothes dirtier.

Gettyimages 842723054

You can pour detergent into these washing machines only once a month

With these washers, there's no need to measure liquid laundry detergent for each load.

Bosch x spect scanner hero

This portable scanner of the future can tell if your food has gone bad

The Bosch X-Spect concept can scan food for freshness and clothes for stains

Color catcher hero

Can this laundry sheet keep your white clothes from turning pink?

We tested Color Catchers in our labs to see if they could prevent colors from running in the wash.

Gettyimages 486973292

This new laundry alternative is safer than pods, and more convenient than detergent

Life Sheets dissolve in the wash and don't look like candy to babies.

Gettyimages 537601104

Your armpit stains are gross—here's how to remove them

Perspiration is good, but sweat stains are bad. How to deal.

Gettyimages 469205906

Here’s what all those cycles on your dryer actually do

Every wonder what's going on inside your dryer? No? Doesn't matter! Read on anyway.

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