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Travel wrinkle hero getty

6 Ways to Iron Your Clothes Without an Iron

Don't have an iron handy? Here are six ways to get rid of wrinkles.

Seven dreamer laundroid hero

No joke, the world of laundry will change by 2019

Seven Dreamers wants to make a truly all-in-one laundry machine.

Whirlpool all in one washer dryer combo

This magic washing machine also dries clothes—and orders detergent

Whirlpool positions the washer-dryer combo as a “hands off” appliance.

Unnamed 3

Samsung's latest innovation can do four loads of laundry at once

After a rough 2016, Samsung looks ahead with advanced new laundry tech.

Ask experts hero laundry lab new text

Ask the Experts: Why doesn't my dryer heat up?

A reader's new lukewarm dryer leaves him cold.

Gettyimages 524087701

12 ugly Christmas sweaters that will make you the life of the party

Stand out at the Christmas party with these awful sweaters.

Jo interview

Meet Mr. Washing Machine, the new CEO of LG Electronics

Seong-Jin Jo redefined the washer. Now he's running LG Electronics.

By 2016 laundry alt

2016 Best of Year Washer and Dryer Awards

From basic top-loaders to the latest tech, these are the best washers and dryers.

Samsung laundry hero 2

I own an exploding Samsung washer. What's next?

Owners of recalled Samsung washers want to know about their options

Laundry hero

What should I buy to replace my Samsung washer?

If you choose a rebate instead of a repair, here's what to buy.

Samsung herrington

Another recall for Samsung—this time, exploding washers

Samsung will repair or replace affected washing machines

Put it on ice image

How ice cubes can remove food stains

Ice cubes can lift protein stains. Here's why.

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