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Top Brands Offer Discounts for Recycled Clothes

Now you can save the planet and get those new jeans at a discount!

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Don’t Clean Your Jeans: The Smart Way to Care for Denim

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GE's New Top-Loader Is the Fastest We've Ever Seen

A Normal cycle that takes just 34 minutes? Sign us up!

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Your Next LG Washer Will Have A Shock Absorber

A new spin on laundry suspension


Sears Wants to Sell You Sensors With Your Next Washer

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Everything You Need to Know About Ventless Dryers

The truth about ventless dryers—its history, types, pros and cons.

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California Passes Law to Legalize Use of Clotheslines

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5 Ways to Use Dryer Sheets Outside the Laundry Room

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Your Next Washer Will Order Detergent for You

Pet food dispensers and printers will order refills from Amazon too.

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Laundroid Is the Laundry-Folding Robot of Our Dreams

This robot can sift through your laundry and fold it by clothing type.

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My Way or the Huawei: How to Pronounce Tricky Brand Names

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How to Sell Used Clothes in the 21st Century

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