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Design and Construction Week Previews 2016 Design Trends

Wasn’t there just a big show in Las Vegas?

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In Vegas, Samsung Bets Big on the Connected Home

SmartThings is quickly taking over Samsung's entire product portfolio.

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Who Is Haier? A Look at GE Appliance’s New Owner

Haier is the world's biggest manufacturer of home appliances.

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Samsung's New Activewash: Sleeker, Sexier, Shallower

In some cases, shallowness can be a virtue.

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Confusing Clothing Label? This iPhone App Can Help

With this app, you'll never screw up laundry day again.

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Samsung Bets Big On Compact Laundry Machines

Smaller, faster, prettier. These compacts have it all.

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Forgot a Sock? Samsung’s AddWash Has You Covered

AddWash solves one of the biggest problems of a front-load washer

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This is Whirlpool's 2016 Home Appliance Lineup

Whirlpool brought some truly innovative products to CES 2016.

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This Apple Alum Wants to Kill the Clothes Dryer

Marathon Laundry’s new washer-dryer combo could simplify laundry day.

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LG's Smart Home Hub Looks Like an Amazon Echo Clone

Sleek design, advanced connectivity

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Are Lint Rollers Ruining Your Clothes?

Do sticky, tape-based lint rollers put your sweaters at risk?

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Tiny, Eco-Friendly Drumi Washer Available for Pre-Order

The foot-powered, portable washer can finally be yours.