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Diy cleaning

Spring Cleaning Your Home the DIY Way

Clean your house using some savvy, thrifty do-it-yourself methods.

Ge laundry pair

Everyone is buying this American-made washing machine

Not only do our expert reviewers love it—our readers do, too

Selecting an outfit 2

Now you can buy a robotic wardrobe that’s basically Cher’s closet from Clueless

Threadrobe puts your laundry away for you and helps you decide what to wear

Gettyimages 497064384

How to clean your sneakers in the washing machine without ruining them

An easy step-by-step guide to washing sneakers in the washing machine.

Eco laundry products

5 products under $15 that will keep your laundry chemical-free

Doing laundry with cheap, eco-friendly products has never been easier.

Eco laundry hero

These 5 easy laundry tips will help save you money

Save $387 a year with just a few changes to your laundry routine

Why your washing machine smells%2c and how to clean it

Why Your Washing Machine Smells, and How to Clean It

Your washer stinks, but it doesn't have to.

Dry clean only hero 2

How to Wash Dry-Clean-Only Clothes at Home

Why schlep to the dry cleaners when you can wash your clothes at home?

Electrolux front load compact washer dryer hero 2

Everything You Need to Know About Ventless Dryers

The truth about ventless dryers—its history, types, pros and cons.

Travel wrinkle hero getty

6 Ways to Iron Your Clothes Without an Iron

Don't have an iron handy? Here are six ways to get rid of wrinkles.

Seven dreamer laundroid hero

No joke, the world of laundry will change by 2019

Seven Dreamers wants to make a truly all-in-one laundry machine.

Whirlpool all in one washer dryer combo

This magic washing machine also dries clothes—and orders detergent

Whirlpool positions the washer-dryer combo as a “hands off” appliance.

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