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Whirlpool and Nest Join Forces to Take Over Your Home

Nest lands its first big appliance partner.

Nest recently announced its "Works with Nest" initiative, which allows the company's smart thermostat and smoke detector to connect with other smart appliances. For homeowners, that means your thermostat can now control your washer and dryer.

Whirlpool announced that its new smart washer and dryer will connect to Nest's Learning Thermostat, and change how they operate based on your home's energy consumption or whether you are at home or away.

For example, if your thermostat is set to "away," the washer will automatically activate its FanFresh mode to keep your clothes from getting stale. And if you have clothes in the dryer, it will keep tumbling your clothes to keep them from getting wrinkled.

Whirlpool is the first major appliance maker to sign on with a major smart home ecosystem. Apple's HomeKit has yet to gain any major appliance makers as partners.

The Whirlpool partnership is in addition to a slew of new tieups.

Nest is now also working alongside Logitech, Jawbone, LIFX, Chamberlain, and IFTTT. At CES, the company even debuted a feature in Mercedes' newest cars that lets users adjust their home thermostats from their cars' dashboards.

Via: Whirlpool
Source: Nest

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