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Samsung DV456EWHDSU

Dryer $1,049.00 MSRP | Buy now at Amazon
9.2 score
Product Image - Samsung DV456EWHDSU
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People often ask me what it takes to get into the wild world of washer and dryer reviews. I'll tell you: you need nerves of steel, you must be devilishly good looking, and you've got to be quick to make a tortured metaphor. For example, marketing materials describe the Samsung DV456EWHDSU/AA (MSRP $1,049) as a King Sized dryer. But it doesn't rule over the bedsheet people via divine right. Its royal pedigree comes from a 7.


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Height 43.875 in.
Width 27 in.
Depth 30 in.
Capacity 7.3 Cu. Ft.
Heat Source Electricity

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Samsung DV456EWHDSU

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