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Sorry but you%27re buying the wrong type of washing machine 2

Sorry, but you're buying the wrong type of washing machine

Years of testing have shown us that front-load washers perform better.

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The one item every new mom needs (but never buys)

You won’t find this on her registry

What does that washer dryer cycle do hero

Not “Normal”— 7 other laundry settings and when to use them

Bulky, Heavy Duty, Permanent Press—what does it all mean?

Gettyimages 488313178

Your remote is crawling with scary bacteria—here's how to clean it

There's fecal matter and harmful bacteria on your phone.

Gettyimages 104093480

These stain removal tips will change your life

When you see a stain on your clothes, figure out what it is, then start to remove it.

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Your dish towels are full of bacteria—here's what you need to do

Just say "No" to bacteria growth on your dish towels

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Here's why you should never ignore the symbols on your clothing tags

Care guide symbols are there to protect your clothes through the wash.

Samsung laundry hero 2

I own an exploding Samsung washer. What's next?

Owners of recalled Samsung washers want to know about their options

Static cling

Your clothes are full of static electricity—here's how to get rid of it

When fabrics rub together, it can cause static cling. Here's how to deal with it.

Target opalhouse hero image

Target just launched an Anthropologie-like home decor line—and it's affordable

Target's opulent Opalhouse home décor collection looks pricey, but it's affordable.

How to clean pet hair hero social

Spring cleaning? Here's how to get rid of stubborn pet hair

Your pets have been shedding all winter. Now it's time to clean up.

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If you don't use a top sheet, you're disgusting

Not all millennials hate top sheets.

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